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Plain & Simple Painting Commercial Painters Ranks No. 322 on the 2013 PROFIT 500!July 13, 2013
Plain & Simple Painting Commercial Painters Ranks No. 322 on the 2013 PROFIT 500
Plain & Simple Painting Commercial Painters

- PROFIT magazine unveils 25th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies -

Burnaby (June 3rd 2013) PROFIT Magazine today ranked Plain & Simple Painting Commercial Painters No. 322 on the 25th annual PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Published in the summer issue of PROFIT Magazine and online at, the PROFIT 500 ranks Canadian businesses by their revenue growth over five years.

Plain & Simple Painting Commercial Painters, commercial and strata painting company, made the PROFIT 500 list with five-year revenue growth of 163%.

“To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Fastest-Growing Companies in Canada, the PROFIT 500 has expanded to recognize the entrepreneurial achievements of more than 500 Canadian companies,” says Ian Portsmouth, Editor-in-Chief of PROFIT magazine. “PROFIT is proud to now showcase Canada’s forward-thinking small business entrepreneurs and honor their talents and innovations.”

“Plain & Simple Painting Commercial Painters is proud to have made the PROFIT 500 list for 2013″ Says Dave Notte, CEO of Plain & Simple Painting Commercial Painters. “Plain & Simple Painting has grown quickly for one simple reason: we make people happy. Customers, staff and suppliers all benefit from our win/win approach and in the return reward us with loyalty, performance and teamwork.”

While this is the first time that Plain & Simple Painting Commercial Painters has made the PROFIT500 ranking for Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies they have made Business In Vancouver’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies 4 years running and won the Better Business Bureau’s Social Media “Buzz” Award in 2012.

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PROFIT: Your Guide to Business Success in Canada’s preeminent publication dedicated to the management issues and opportunities facing small and mid-sized businesses. For 31years, Canadian entrepreneurs and senior managers across a vast array of economic sectors have remained loyal to PROFIT because it’s a timely and reliable source of actionable information that helps them achieve business success and get the recognition they deserve for generating positive economic and social change. Visit PROFIT online at

About Plain & Simple Painting Commercial Painters

Plain & Simple Painting Commercial Painters began business in 2004 and quickly rose to be one of the largest commercial painting companies in the Greater Vancouver area. Plain & Simple Painting is a service company first and a commercial painting company second. They pride themselves on delivering on their promises, limiting hassles, and dealing with concerns effectively. Their painting projects include large multi-unit residential complexes, high rise towers, low rise apartment buildings, shopping centers, and warehouses.

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David Notte, Plain & Simple Painting Commercial Painters, dave@Plain & Simple, 778.997.6323

Choosing the right colour: It’s hard!July 5, 2013
Choosing the right colour: It’s hard!
Canada’s Fastest-Growing Company

- PROFIT magazine unveils 24th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies -

On the phone with my Mom last night she mentioned that she was painting my brothers old room. When we were in high school we painted our rooms whichever colour we wanted. I chose a lovely sage green. Very soothing. My brother on the other hand… he chose what I am going to title “French’s Mustard Yellow” and he painted everything except the floor that colour. Not precisely to my parents or I’s taste.

My Mom decided last week to paint the room a neutral brown. After painting the whole thing she decided it felt too much like she was in a cardboard box. She re-painted the whole room a different colour and is much happier now; And now my Dad hates the colour she has chosen (he was on team “cardboard box”).

Colour is, without a doubt, one of the most contentious issues when it comes to painting that we encounter (especially when it comes to painting large strata complexes -like the kind I previously wrote about in Langley and Surrey - where everyone wants to have a say in the colour choice).

Colour is tricky for many reasons:

  • It is 100% subjective. What looks good to one person, may look horrible to another.
  • Colour subjectivity gets multiplied a thousand fold with every new person you add into the mix. My family couldn’t agree on the colour of one room in our house… Painting a large townhouse complex with hundreds of owners makes colour choice a serious headache.
  • There may be a cost difference between different colours. Darker colours tend to cost more but lighter colours may require more coats of paint to cover the old colours. Cost may be a deciding factor for some people.
  • There may be specific rules and regulations your business or strata has to follow when it comes to colour.
  • There are just so many paint colours to choose from! Looking at a colour fan can quickly become overwhelming even when you are just trying to select one of thousands of different shades of off-white.

Here are a few quick tips I have picked up over my time watching stratas and business owners struggle with picking the colour for their building:

  • Limit the options! Get one person to get a few colour schemes together. Don’t even show the rest of the strata the colour fan.
  • Have a colour committee. If assigning one person to get the colour schemes together sounds like too much responsibility, consider getting a colour committee together from volunteer strata members (the smaller the better) volunteer.
  • Consider a colour match. No current owner could have been offended by the current colour of the building enough to not buy their property. Chances are the current colour is OK for everyone there.
  • Research the rules. If you own a business in a block of businesses, what specific rules are there when it comes to painting the exterior of your building? Does your strata have any weird by-law no one has ever heard of prohibiting red doors?
  • If everything becomes overwhelming, consider working with a professional: A colour consultant.

At Plain & Simple Painting we usually opt for the last one. For us colour choice is most frustrating because it can delay the start of projects, sometimes for quite a while when it comes to large stratas. One of our colour consultants Trish, from Moxi Design, that we use all the time, provides excellent advice to stratas and present them with a few different colour schemes for them to vote on. After that it comes down to majority rules (not a perfect solution but it gets the job done).

Unfortunately I don’t think “majority rules” will work when it comes to my brothers old room (my parents might have to work with “Mom-jority rules”), but it seems to work well for picking colours when large stratas are involved.

Why painting townhouse complexes in the Surrey/Langley area is easy...June 28, 2013
Why painting townhouse complexes in the Surrey/Langley area is easy and why that means you need to consider hiring an inspector.
painting townhouse complexes in the Surrey/Langley area

- PROFIT magazine unveils 23th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies -

When you drive past Surrey and Langley on Highway 1 it is tempting to think: Hey, all these townhouses look the same!

That should mean they are easy to paint the exterior of right? Easy contracts, easy money? Once you have done one you could do them all! Right?


Often these townhouse complexes are very similar to one another, it’s true, but they were also put up during a construction boom which means they all went up around the same time.

This is a problem for a few reasons. This means that in that time, there was a shortage of construction workers, sometimes leading to… not the most solid work, and it means that they are all coming up for paint jobs and roofing jobs at the same time (which will, in turn, lead to another shortage of construction workers).

This means that you want a qualified company to do the paint job and you want to make sure it is done right. The easiest way to get the job done right is to have an impartial party oversee the work. Most of the time, this means hiring an inspector.

There are several really good inspection agencies in the Vancouver area including IPI, Inspec, and the MPDA.

Getting an inspector involved in your project may end up meaning that you spend a little bit more up front but it could end up saving you a lot in the long run.

Here are just a few of the reasons you may want to consider hiring an inspector, especially if you have a paint job someone may perceive as easy:

  • You will have someone managing your (probably quite large) project, saving you the headache.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that you job will get done right in the end.
  • You know you will have a qualified company bidding on your project (only qualified companies are invited to bid on inspected projects).
  • You will have deadlines that you can rely on (weather dependant) to make sure that you get your job done when you want it done.
  • You will have the assurance that you are not being overcharged for anything or that any extras are being charged fairly.

When it comes to your home, why take a risk on saving a bit of money by going with a small company if it causes more stress in the long run? Large companies that are qualified to handle your project may end up costing you a bit more but you will be happier in the end.

Having an inspector involved is one way to ensure a qualified company is bidding but, by all means, you can also go without an inspection agency on a large project. If you choose to go this route however, you should make sure you check the references of the companies you get to quote and make sure that they have the capacity to handle your project.

All that said, Plain & Simple Painting has done tons of these projects, inspected and non inspected, so if you have a large strata or townhouse complex in the Surrey or Langley area, give us a call, we are always happy to give you an estimate, even if you just need a budgetary price. We are also more than happy to assess your building and give you a recommendation on whether or not you should have an inspector involved, if you are on the fence about it.