About Us

Our Story

Since it’s inception in January 2002, Plain & Simple Painting has become one of the Vancouver’s leaders in residential & commercial painting service and safety.

Plain & Simple Painting is one of the leading painting contractors in Vancouver. Plain & Simple believes in reverence for both the customer and all employees, which contributes to building a solid reputation on providing reliable services and delivering exceptional results.

How long have you been in business?

Plain & Simple Painting has been a registered contractor since 2002.

Who is the owner of Plain & Simple Painting?

The company was started by Nicholas Leyland in 2002 and continues to be lead by Nicholas Leyland.

Does Plain & Simple Painting have insurance and WCB coverage?

Yes, Plain & Simple Painting has 5 million in liability insurance and up to date WCB coverage.

What type of Painting does Plain & Simple do?

Plain & Simple Painting specializes in residential and commercial projects where high standards for workmanship and excellent customer service are expected by owners and designers. See our sevices page for a list of coatings and treatments.

How many painters work on a project?

Every Project is different, every home or building owner has unique requirements and needs. Small interior painting projects (1000 to 2000 square feet) may have between one and five painters and helpers. Large exterior projects may enlist 5 to 10 painters, helpers, and carpenters.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes. 2 years depending on the condition of substrate. The Written Warranty is part of the contract submitted in the bid process.

What kind of paint do you use?

Plain & Simple Painting has experience with virtually every paint manufacturer, and certainly every paint brand available in Vancouver. Our recommended paints include: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Cloverdale Paint.

Do you help customers pick colors?

Yes. We help you pick colors and provide real paint samples at a reasonable charge.